Schulz's Recycling was established by Roy Schulz in the late 1950s and began as a wrecking and automotive business under the name Schulz’s Wrecking and Towing. In 1971, Schulz's purchased portable car crushing equipment and was the first company in Wisconsin, and only the third in the nation, to offer portable crushing services. Shortly thereafter, the business was incorporated under the name Schulz’s Wrecking and Car Crushing.

During the 1970s, we expanded slightly with some ancillary service lines including crane service, stump removal and tree planting—all using custom attachments to the company’s existing equipment. Later, stump removal and tree planting services were discontinued and replaced with snow removal services .

In 1980, Roy's son Steve took over the operations of the company. With the sale of aftermarket auto parts and the auto salvage business losing momentum, Schulz's began to investigate the industrial scrap industry and secure customers. Steve estimates that industrial scrap had become a significant portion of the companies business by 1988.

Snowplowing was also introduced as an additional service in the early 1980s. The company serviced large commercial accounts only, using 20-foot blades attached to its standard fleet of end loaders.

Our next big evolution came from recycling services—including paper, glass, cardboard, plastic, tires and other materials banned from the landfills. Schulz's does not handle hazardous materials, with the exception of batteries, for which we have a certified recycling exemption. In 1986 we received the Wisconsin state Governor’s Award for Recycling and by 1991, the recycling service had grown to need a dedicated facility that could sustain our business. The company built a 6,570 square foot recycling center. The same year, our business name was changed to Schulz’s Recycling, Inc.

In March of 2011, Symax LLC acquired Schulz's Recycling, Inc, partnering with Steve and Dan Schulz. In April 2011, we discontinued selling auto parts and tires and began to focus on scrap metal services, becoming one of the lead competitors in Central Wisconsin. Today we offer competitive pricing and substantial service to our customers, with their satisfaction in mind.

We believe in offering competitive pricing and substantial service to our customers, with their satisfaction in mind.